CLIENT: Metropolitan Educational Research Consortium
SERVICES: Poster and Publication Design
YEAR: 2019

The Metropolitan Educational Research Consortium (MERC) is a collaboration between Richmond-area school divisions and Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of Education. Together, they spearhead research on issues within the city's PK12 education system. They aim to inform policy, contribute to scholarly knowledge, and ultimately positively impact students, schools, and communities.
  Both the 32-page program and poster were designed with few limitations, aside from a tight deadline. A map of the city was used as a foundation in both the poster and program as a vibrant but non-distracting reminder of the widespread potential impact of the conference. 

"Skye did incredible work for us... She was inventive, professional, and quick to respond to feedback and suggestions. This is easily the best poster and program we have had."
— David Naff, MERC Assistant Director of Research and Evaluation